Hello Trailblazing Author!

Who are we?

We’re WakeFire Press, an imprint borne of Burning Soul Press, and you’ve probably already realized that we’re not your typical book publishing company. We believe in empowering the author’s vision for their book, and that’s the simplest way to put it. 

There is nothing typical about you, your story, your message, and we aren’t shoving your dreams of publishing your book into an ill-fitting box. We want to honor your creativity, your passion, your inspiration and we won’t be a gatekeeper to your dreams. 

WakeFire Press was formed from by the creatives at Burning Soul Press (also excellent) from their experience of working with many authors who wanted expert guidance but freedom to publish what they want to publish. We recognized that numerous authors didn’t fit into the traditional style of book publishing but needed help to achieve their vision.

So, we are putting publishing power back into your hands. You deserve to publish your book the way you want. 

When you become a part of WakeFire Press, you maintain control over the editorial, design, publishing, and marketing decisions and all of your royalties from your book sales—we simply help bring your book to life.

Stay determined. Stay passionate. Own your authorship. Take control of your destiny.

Welcome to WakeFire Press.